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Heidelberg University, Germany


Ministry of Science, Research and Arts, Baden-Wuerttemberg

Welcome to LVISA (LiDAR Vegetation Investigation and Signature Analysis System)

LVISA is a novel system for analyzing point clouds of vegetation.

This system constitutes a web-based Laser Scanning (LS) database for the management and analysis of reference signatures. It combines the techniques and methods of LiDAR and 3D GIScience.

LVISA is embedded in the LS-VISA project of the Lidar Research Group Heidelberg.

The multi-scale approach of two spatial scales and sensors (airborne and terrestrial laser scanning) will close the gap between sensor and target perspective by systematic analysis of Laser Scanning vegetation signatures by means of 3D geoinformation technology.

Mapping and characterization of vegetation by remote sensing is increasingly gaining in importance. Particularly, the three-dimensional nature of vegetation (e.g. trees and agricultural plants) demands for new technologies and scientific approaches which are capable of assessing the full 3D perspective. Laser scanning has evolved into the state-of-the-art technology for highly accurate 3D data acquisition both from airborne and terrestrial platforms. Deeper insight is required for tasks in forest management, carbon sink analysis, biodiversity assessment, precision agriculture and renewable energy production.

As LS data is frequently captured with different sensors and field specifications, the resulting technical challenges related to data fusion, scale and data quantity are best addressed by a community of scientists who share approaches and data.

Video Tutorials

The LVISA system offers an easy-to-use online visualization, exploration and analysis tool of laser scanning data. The video tutorials guide through the steps of using LVISA.

1: Browse the Reference Data and Explore Tree Objects

2: Create Plots with Reference Data

3: Create Plots with Own Data


Since the LVISA system and the provided tools are based on reference data, we are always looking for new reference data.
If you are interested in providing data for LVISA, feel free to contact us. All necessary information can be found in our reference data description form.